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Fantom Events Risk Assessment



1. This note details the considerations and measures Paul Phipps-Williams Photography (“we”) will be undertaking to ensure photo studio services, supplied to Fantom Events Ltd at St Michael’s Church Hall, Chiswick, corresponds to Government advice on the visitor economy, as per 15th April 2021. It has been written having regard to industry best practice, such as that supplied by the Association of Photographers and other leading photography studios.

2. We have read and understood Fantom Events’ full risk assessment, correct as of 22nd April 2021 and have noted that:

a. Crew will be flexibly allocated in order to facilitate the safe organisation of the event. This will include the photo studio (Paragraph 1).

b. There will be a one-way system in place within the building (Paragraph 2).

c. Prior to and during the event, at regular intervals, all high touch point areas will be

cleaned including door handles and tables. This will also include areas within the photo studio. (Paragraph 3).

d. We will receive training on Fantom Events’ Covid-secure standards prior to members of the public being admitted and will have access to gloves and face masks provided by Fantom Events, as will attendees who will be required to wear a face covering prior to entering the event (Paragraph 4).

e. Fantom Events will maintain a temporary record of guests, crew and attendees in order to assist NHS Test and Trace operation if necessary (Paragraph 8). There is no need, therefore, for a separate record for photo studio customers.

3. In addition, we will take the following additional precautions:

a. Attendees will be asked to wait outside whilst queueing for the photo studio due to the reduced risk of COVID-19 spreading outside. In line with the Government’s guidance, all photo studio customers will be asked to wear a face covering whilst in the photo studio. This must remain on during customers’ passage through the studio until they are in a pre-designated ‘safe area’. Only when told to will a customer remove their face covering for a maximum of five seconds whilst the photo is taken. Customers will be asked to keep facing forward in the brief period masks are removed, to minimise the risk of droplets in the breath being directed at other people. Once the photograph has been taken, customers will be asked to replace their face covering to exit the studio.

b. In order to facilitate free movement within the event, and to reduce the likelihood of household mixing in contravention of the Government’s guidance, there will be no printing of photographs at the event. Customers may order them through, where the order will be fulfilled and posted to the customer by Fantom Events.

c. We will wear a face-covering at all times within the studio. We will regularly use hand sanitiser and sanitise equipment appropriately.

d. We will place specific walking routes within the photo studio, so customers can interact with guests whilst maintaining social distancing. Customers will be asked not to deviate from these routes.

e. We will use a prop to maintain a barrier between customers and guests – and so will maintain the 1m+ requirement at all times.

f. In line with guidance, we will maintain ventilation by keeping studio doors and windows open wherever possible.

g. In drawing up this risk assessment we have had regard to the needs of customers with disabilities, other protected characteristics and those who are neurodiverse. We reserve the right, with the support of Fantom Events, to make bespoke arrangements for these customers in line with Government guidance and engage with each customer according to their needs.


4. We are assured that Fantom Events have appropriate measures in place to enable events at St. Michael’s Centre to be held in a COVID-Secure environment, as per current government guidance and regulations. We have reviewed such guidance and industry best practice and believe the steps detailed above to be appropriate in line with the current risk of COVID-19.

5. We will continue to liaise with Fantom Events as Government guidance evolves and will take whatever further steps we deem necessary to ensure the safety of attendees.



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