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An afternoon with the Amengialues!

A great day spent setting up a home studio in South East London - and a lesson in why family photography shouldn't be rushed!

New Home, New Portrait

I was contacted by a local family who had moved into their new house last autumn, and who wanted the largest canvas possible to take pride of place in their living room. Now there was a challenge!

I love taking a mobile studio into families' homes - it becomes a real event with the kids clambering to see what's happening, and the backdrop going up whilst they're watching. And before you know it, they're proper models, laughing and joking with each other as they try out new poses.

The joy of a home studio is that the kids are also in their safe space and, as every parent knows, moods can swing in an instant. Excitement can lead to tiredness, or happiness to anything but. Outfit changes you think will take ten minutes becomes half an hour of waiting, or pleading (or, quite often, bribing!)

Patience, Toys and a Sweet or Two

Which is why a relaxed atmosphere for your shoot is so important. There's no clock-watching: instead of an hour, this shoot took two and a half, and that was perfect. We filled the room with toys to raise a smile and let the youngest snooze for a bit to recover. Then it was time for dancing, and clapping, and giggles. And yes, the shot above is one of my favourites, taken in a split second when Mum had given her a sweet for being good.

So Take it Easy

The most fantastic portraits are the ones where we're relaxed and not worried about getting the perfect shot. Where smiles happen in a split second and you're able to show the world who your family is. A studio shoot in your own home can have the best of both worlds - a professional looking shot, with all the comforts of your own front room. Book a consultation and we'll design something around you and the things you love.

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