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Doctor Who - Season 26

January brings the return of the Fantom Events Doctor Who Signing Spectaculars and a couple of very special reunions.

Paul Phipps-WIlliams and Sophie Aldred wearing Boom Glasses
Paul Phipps-Williams and Sophie Aldred, who played Ace in Doctor Who

Back in the fold

I love being the official photographer for Fantom Events - one of the most friendly, welcoming and laid back event companies you could imagine. They organise monthly celebrity signing events for Doctor Who fans, and being asked to return for 2020 was like re-joining family.

Classic Doctor Who is slowly being re-released on Blu-Ray, so Fantom organise events where collectors can get their shiny new Blu-Rays signed. I never used to be into this sort of thing - I found it awkward - but the more I get to know the people I used to watch on TV, the more happy I am to ask them to scribble on my stuff. I've been looking forward to this one for a while as it's my favourite - season 26 - or 'the one where it ended'.

People tell me I'm slowly getting the reputation for being one of the most friendly and fun convention photographers out there - and this is incredibly important to me. If you've only got a few seconds to shake the hand of someone you've admired for years, it's got to be enjoyable and the smiles have to be real.

I'll write a post soon, giving more details of what it's like in the studio - both for me and the actors I'm with. But for now, it's a happy 2020 from everyone at Fantom.


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