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Hi. Thanks for stopping by. If you're after a fun, relaxed, wedding, event, headshot and portrait photographer in London, you've come to the right place. It's been a weird career so far. I trained to be a film producer, wandering around student films shouting ‘Time is Money’ at people before stealing their cake. Eventually, I figured out that wasn’t the most successful way to get hired, so for the last twenty years, I've told people I work for the Government in the hope they'll think me a super-spy. I'm not, but that’s what you’d expect a super-spy to say.


I've passed at least a couple of new laws, convinced one government minister to quote the Spice Girls in the House of Commons and spent London 2012 in an underground bunker. On at least one occasion I've had tens of thousands of people march through central London protesting against what I'm doing with my life. Whether this was work related or not, I’ll leave to your imagination.​

These days, I can be regularly found in the photo studio of cult TV events telling people to smile as they stand nervously next to their childhood heroes. And the joy of these moments sparked my excitement for wedding, portrait and event photography - the smiles and unabashed joy that I can help bring out of people with my camera. I love the idea of being someone's 'family historian' - being able to give someone the opportunity to look back on a moment in twenty or thirty years time.


It's special. It's unique.


Those moments are yours. And I'd love the chance to help you treasure them forever.

Fun Fact! Also a writer. For more information on my novels, audio adventures for Doctor Who and Dark Shadows for Big Finish Productions, and other geeky stuff, visit www.misterphipps.com

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